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Market Analysis

Understanding your market means life and death difference for a business. If you do not have answers to even one of these questions, you seriously need to re-examine your business strategy, whether online or off the web:

  • What are my business goals?
  • What is my current market share?
  • What demographic are my competitors targeting?
  • How is my brand image?
  • Is my brand nearing the end of its life cycle?

60degree digital and its extensive knowledgebase can help you understand and respond to your market. Right from user research, brand analysis, to indepth insights, user experience and suggested improvements – we will do an end to end research for you

Business Analysis

Extending our reach beyond the software, we extend our business analysis process into the actual business problem that needs to be resolved while working with you. Whether you are a small business that needs to ensure seamless connectivity and data exchange between different departments, or a firm that needs more in-depth knowledge and awareness of what’s trending in your business, our analyst team will review what’s possible and help you get more out of your business.


To cut the long story short, we make Brochures, Leaflets, Hoardings, Advertisements, Magazine Media, Business Cards, Letter-heads etc. to corroborate with your brand on web. It helps in maintaining the same vigour of Branding for the company. Integrated Design Marketing at its best.

Web Design

The goodness of creative website rubs onto the customers soon, thus, making it a viable option to have a beautiful design which attracts them. It is no secret that customers believe a website more which is professionally made and emanates confidence and simplicity.

Internet Marketing

Marketing as a stream is one of the most dynamic of all. Internet Marketing takes it a notch higher. Internet marketing changes suddenly creating a ripple effect making everything or everybody related to it.

avantgardedigital helps you in making sense of online marketing vehicles which are required for your business. We will never let you waste your time or money on irrelevant online marketing strategies. Period.

Some of the factors where we can lend our support are:

  • Brainstorming
  • Planning, Assessing and Executing Campaigns
  • Creating Audio Visuals and Landing Pages
  • Testing and Measuring Results
  • Campaign Optimisation

Functional Enhancements

If you already have a website or a software that’s working, but is not exactly upto pace; is legacy or needs a feature enhancement – we can help. With our extended set of talent, we are able to quickly source talent that can make things work for you. Our dedicated involvement ensures that we help you achieve what’s needed, while you focus your energies on working on the system.

AGILE Development

If you have a great idea and limited (or unlimited budget), we can help you do a true blue agile release on the software, which will ensure only important features are released first and your website or software grows organically, driven by what users want and changes faster than the market does.

AGILE Product Development

Products are different from websites – we know that, and we impress the point on everyone in our team who are developing products and the clients who want the products to be developed. As a company that thrives on releasing products into the market which trigger new business ideas and social change, you can be assured that we have what it takes to develop a perfect product.

Mobile Solutions

The world has moved beyond the computer. Its about the iPhones, the Blackberries, the iPads, Podcasts, Facebook, Twitter and Maps now. It’s about seamless content delivery to a variety of audience. From Transport Corporations, to Mobile Giants, from News to Nike, and the next door Uncle Alfred’s Bakery, everyone understands the importance and is going beyond the traditional website. Do you?

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